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Smile Central Dental - Located in Newport Beach, Orange County

Making the world a more beautiful place, one smile at a time..

Smile Central Dental - Located in Newport Beach, Orange County

Welcome to Smile Central Dental, where we make beautiful smiles a reality. Our office offers comprehensive dental care in a modern, state-of-the-art environment where your satisfaction is our number one concern.

We take pride in providing you with every alternative for achieving healthy gums and smiles at reasonable prices. We want to keep you "smiling through life."


FAQs - Patients Ask Smile Central Dental Daily

What is a crowns?

A crown is a restoration that covers, or "caps," a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size, strengthening and improving the tooth’s appearance. Crowns are necessary when a tooth is generally broken down and fillings won`t solve the problem. If a tooth is cracked, a crown holds the tooth together to seal the cracks so the damage doesn`t get worse. Crowns are also used to restore a tooth when there isn`t enough of the tooth remaining to provide support for a large filling, attach a bridge, protect weak teeth from fracturing, restore fractured teeth, or cover badly shaped or discolored teeth. More Info

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place. The benefit of using implants is that they don`t rely on neighboring teeth for support and they are permanent and stable. Implants are an ideal solution to tooth loss; they look and feel like natural teeth. More Info

What is a Root Canal?

Underneath your tooth's outer enamel and within the dentin is an area of soft tissue called the pulp, which carries the tooth's nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Root canals are very small, thin divisions that branch off from the top pulp chamber down to the tip of the root. A tooth has at least one but no more than four root canals. More Info

What are Veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic (porcelain) or a composite resin material, which are bonded to the front of teeth. This procedure requires little or no anesthesia and can be the ideal choice for improving the appearance of the front teeth. Veneers are placed to mask discolorations, to brighten teeth and to improve a smile. More Info

What is a Composite Resin?

A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. Composites are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth. More Info

What is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) describes a variety of conditions that affect jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints and nerves associated with chronic facial pain. Symptoms may occur on one or both sides of the face, head or jaw, or may develop after an injury. TMD affects more than twice as many women than men. More Info

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Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about everything modern dentistry has to offer. This website is your online resource to learn about our practice, the services that we offer, common dental conditions, treatments and more.

Remember, the information we provide is not meant to replace an actual diagnosis for a problem you may be having. A dentist is the only qualified person to assess your needs. If you have any questions please give us a call today! Our office is located very close to the 405 freeway in Orange County the cross streets are Culver Dr and Barranca Parkway.



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